Is halo for PlayStation

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No Halo was only made for the X-Box or X-Box360

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Q: Is halo for PlayStation
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Is halo on PlayStation?


Is there a Halo 3 for the playstation?


Is there a halo 4 for the Playstation 3?

no, halo is only on xbox consoles

Will halo come out on Playstation 2?

No it will not

Is Halo Reach on PlayStation 3?


Is Halo 3 for PlayStation 3?

No. Halo 3 is only in Xbox 360.

Is there a halo 3 in Playstation 3?

No. Halo 3 is only in Xbox 360.

Will halo 4 be on psp?

No halo games will come out on any playstation systems

Is halo 4 a limited edition for ps3?

Halo 4 is not available on playstation.

Is halo 4 on playstation 3?

Halo 4 is not out yet and no ps3 will never have any halo games.

Does PlayStation make halo?

No because the people who make halo are Microsoft so there is no chance of PS3 Halo.

Has halo been made for Playstation?