What the max hit anybody has hit in runescape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, the max hit is 128 with full dharok firecape,extreme potion,Piety,and 1hp.

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Q: What the max hit anybody has hit in runescape?
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RuneScape max hit?

Its the highest hit you can make in RS.

What is max hit with 63 strength and 60 attack in runescape?

input your weapon and other equipment you will be using:

What is Max hit with 63 strength and 55 attack in runescape?

I have placed a link below in the "Related Links" section that should take you directly to a Runescape max hit calculator

What is the max hit you can hit with 99 mage on runescape?

That often depends on what skill your using and the equipment you have on.

What is the max hit of a titan on RuneScape?

It DOES NOT depend on your combat level. Every titan has a max hit. For the specific titan, you should search them on wiki.

What level is tormented demon in runescape?

He is level: 450 and has a Max Hit of: 26.

What is your max hit in runescape with a bandos godsword at 93 str?

you can hit a max of 33, with no additional stats ( just the Godsword and nothing else wielded ).

Whats the max with 74 strength and 50 attack on runescape What is your max hit?

you can go to and enter your levels and such, it will find your max hit.

What level is Jad on RuneScape?

The RuneScape monster TzTok-Jad's stats are: Combat Level: 702 Hitpoints: 250 Max Hit: 97

Is there a Runescape magic max hit calculator? should have one, check the sidebar on the left.

What is the max hit with a dragon longsword with 70 strength in runescape?

the max hit with a dragon longsword on runescape at lvl 70 str is 17 without spec and 21 with spec however this is when a player wields the longsword with no other items to bouns their str lvl

Max hit with 50 strength and 20 attack in runescape?

Attack has nothing to do with max hit, it just shows how often you hit it. but for strength I can calculate you will hit 7, but priv message me what you wear, and I can give you a more accurate prediction.