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genuine sapphire burns at 458,000 degrees C.

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Q: What temperature does a genuine sapphire burn?
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What is a genuine sapphire?

One that is not ersatz.

Can sapphire be used to make fire?

No , but you can burn sapphire (please don't try this because it'll never work and you'll ruin the sapphire, sell it instead) *cough cough

What temperature does hair burn?

Hair will burn at 223 degrees Celsius. Hair can however burn at a much lower temperature if it is damaged.

What temperature does sparklers burn at?

Sparklers burn at temperatures ranging from 1800°F to 3000°F (982°C to 1649°C).

Ignition temperature is the minimum temperature required to?


What temperature does paint burn at?

it burn at 420 degrees Fahrenheit

What are some things that could burn at 900 C?

Materials that can burn at 900°C include wood, paper, plastics, and some metals such as magnesium. organic matter, oils, and flammable gases can also ignite at this temperature.

How would you make a genuine sapphire sword would you use sapphire abrasive powder melt it and pour it in a cast of a sword?

Other than decoration. a sapphire sword would be pointless due to the fact that it would break easily. As for the powder question. Sapphire can't be melted down and formed. It can only be grown into a certain shape.

At what temperature does latex paint burn?

it burn at 420 degrees Fahrenheit

What temperature does silk burn?

Silk begins to burn at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to take precautions when working with silk to avoid exposing it to high heat sources that could cause it to burn or melt.

At what temperature does glucose burn?


What is the temperature of a fuel when its start to burn?

The temperature at which a fuel starts to burn is known as its ignition temperature, which varies depending on the type of fuel. Ignition temperature is the minimum temperature required to initiate the combustion process in a fuel.