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The ruby and sapphire are on fire red and leaf green don't worry about the in ruby sapphire or emerald.

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Q: Where are the ruby and sapphire gems on sapphire?
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Why do you need the ruby and Sapphire gems in firered?

SO that you can trade with POKeMON sapphire and ruby.

Are the gems free?

the ruby, and Sapphire gems...yes, they are in the 5 island.

In firered why do you need a ruby to give to the guy?

Well, i heard that you need to get the gems to be able to trade to ruby and Sapphire get it? retrieve a ruby and a Sapphire?

Name of all gems?

Sapphire, ruby, emerald, Crystal,

What are the four gems kings had on their crowns?

ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond

When you get the ruby and sapphire in FireRed what will celio do with it?

He will put both gems in the network machine which when operational will allow you to trade between ruby, sapphire, emerald, colosseum and xd gale of darkness.

Where will the two gems be in fired?

The ruby is in MT. Ember and the sapphire is the dotted hole (teamrocket last hideout)

What does the name ruby come from?

it's a type of gem, which is red in color. Sapphire and Emerald are also gems.

Where do you find the Sapphire and rube gems on Pokemon FireRed?

the ruby is in the cave on mt. ember on one island. the sapphire is in dotted hole on six island.

Where can you find sapphire?

These gems are found in water 1. Sapphire 2.Ruby 3.Corundum Pokemon: Sapphire can be found at second-hand electronics shops. They don't sell them new anymore.

How get mew2 on Pokemon LeafGreen?

get the ruby and the Sapphire gems from 4and 6 islands . the go to ceroolien can find mew2 in there.

Do you need the national pokedex on ruby to trade to ruby from LeafGreen?

you don't need a national pokedex to trade from ruby to leaf green. You have to get the gems the sapphire and the ruby in order to trade from leaf green to ruby. These are found in leaf green. (: