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The elite four will open the door and they will become stronger than before. You can now trade with ruby, sapphire and emerald

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Q: What do you do after you give celio the two gems to finish the network machine?
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When you get the ruby and sapphire in FireRed what will celio do with it?

He will put both gems in the network machine which when operational will allow you to trade between ruby, sapphire, emerald, colosseum and xd gale of darkness.

How do you Complete Celio's Network Machine?

You must find the two gems and give them to Celio. The Ruby is found on One Island in Mt. Ember. For the Sapphire you must go to the Dotted Hole on Six Island and find it, but it will be stolen and you have to go to the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island and retrieve it.

What to do when you give the ruby and sahpire stone to celio what is the network link machine for can you use it when?

After giving the gems celio gets the machine up in running this means you can trade with any hoenn game by going upstairs in any Pokemon center and going to the trade center using either a GBA link cable or wirless adapter you can now trade with ruby, sapphire and emerald and now you can own hoenn Pokemon.

Where do you get the gems for the network machine?

In island one and the rocket base. (YOu have to go in the cave you go through to catch Moltres

When was Screen Gems Network created?

Screen Gems Network was created in 1999.

You beat Pokemon league but you cant enter cerulan cave?

After you beat the league and get national pokedex by having 60 species of Pokemon go to celio on 1 island and get him the gems to fix his machine once the machine works the purple hair dude will leave, if you need help with finding the gems go to they have a great walkthrough. BRENDAN MILLER :^)

After you give celio the gems can you trade to sapphire?

honestly dude i dont think you can trade from sapphire period.

What is the erren you have to run for bill in FireRed?

Help his friend celio get two gems so you can trade with hoenn games!

What do you after you get the gems in Pokemon FireRed?

After you have obtained both the Ruby and Sapphire gems, you should go back to One Island so Celio can fix the machine he's been working on. By returning the two gems, trade with the Hoenn region is unlocked (ie. you are now able to trade between your version and Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald). The two gems do not unlock anything else, but clear a significant obstacle which prevents you from completing part of your National Pokedex.

How do you get both gems to fix the network machine in Pokemon LeafGreen?

One is on island one.There is a cave if you go up but you have to use surf to go around it.Then u will see team rocket near a cave you will have to fight them.NOTE:you have to beat the elite four to do this.

How do you get more gems on zoo story 2 without paying money?

You will have to earn some by doing changes sorry :( if you finish a change and you do not get gems there a other changes that will have gems

What do you get when you finish Edwin's challenge?

you get 5 cupid bows for 5 gems