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The grocery store.

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Q: What store can you get apples from in The Sims 3?
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Can you get apples on sims 3?

yes, you can get them from the store and plant them or eat them. you can also find their seeds around and plant them.

Can sims have miscarriages Sims 3?

no but if you want a boy have your pregnant woman eat apples.

What store is the Sims 3 at?

sims 3 you can get at Eb games

How do you eat apples on sims 3 wii?

go to

How do you get the washing machines on the Sims 3?

well you have to buy it on The Sims 3 store OR you can find them with the sims 3 ambitions because it comes with it.

How do you get good hairstyles for your Sims 3?

Download them from the Sims 3 Exchange. OR Buy them from the Sims 3 Store.

Were can you buy Sims 3 for wii?

You can buy Sims 3 at any video game store or electronics store.

Is sims 3 barnacle bay an expansion pack?

Technically No, You can get it as a Sims 3 Store Package or As a box in a store.

Where can you get The Sims 3?

The Sims 3 is for sale on Electronic Arts Store and your local electronic goods/video game store.

Can you have Sextuplets in Sims 3?

I haven't tested it yet, but someone told me you can have sextuplets by eating six watermelons or six apples OR 3 watermelons and 3 apples and listen to Kids music on the sims radio and watch Kidz zone on sims tv AND get a fertility treatment.Good luck with six kids.

What sims games needs Sims 3?

all sims 3 expansion, stuff, booster and store packs

How do you give your sims wings on Sims 3?

you cant but there are clothing items on the sims 3 store for fairy wings