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From The Sims 3 Store. You have to buy it (which is annoying, since we already pay for the game...).

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Q: Where do you get premium content for the Sims 3?
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Is The Sims 3 compatible with Windows 8 Home Premium?

Yes, The Sims 3 and all The Sims 3 expansion packs are compatible with Windows 8 Home Premium.

How do you get custom content for the Sims 3?

You can find custom content on various third-party websites, or by downloading pre-made Sims with custom content from the Sims 3 Exchange.

What are some websites for Sims 3 custom content?

Here are some custom content sites.The Sims 2 ExchangeThe Sims 3 ExchangeModTheSimsThe Sims ResourceGarden of ShadowsSimbologyMore Awesome Than YouInsimenatorLianaSims2AnnaMariaSims2DecorgalThe Sim (mature content)There are plenty more sites than this. If you want more just google "sims 3 custom content".

If you download custom content on the sims 2 and uninstall the sims 2 does the custom content stay on the sims 2?

Happy Simming! <3 FSC

Is sims 3 custom content legal?

custom content is legal for the sims 3 and any other game,unless it breaks copyright laws

How do you get Sims 3 custom content?

You may get custom content from the official Sims 3 Exchange. However, if you would like more variety of content, there are always third-party sites such as The Sims Resource and SimsVIP. You may find the links to these sites below.

Can you have a tail on sims 3?

You can have one, but custom content is required.

Can you convert sims 2 custom content into Sims 3?

I highly doubt this is possible. You can make a 'look-a-like' of something but you cant bring something from the sims 2 into the sims 3.

Is sims 3 compatible with windows home vista premium?

yes, or at least it should be.

When is the Sims 3 store updated?

The Sims 3 Store online is updated once a month, sometimes more frequently, with new content.

Can you download The Sims 3 to an Android tablet?

No. The Sims 3 is only avaliable on Windows or OS X. However, there is a free game called The Sims Freeplay which is exclusively for iOS and Android. Of course, it will not have that much content as The Sims 3.

If i have a Windows vista home premium laptop with Intel premium dual-core processor t2330 1.60 ghz 120gb can you play sims 3 on it?

yes. i have that laptop and i have sims 3. but you need 6 gb of free space, of it wont work, that was my problem at first.