Can you have Sextuplets in Sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I haven't tested it yet, but someone told me you can have sextuplets by eating six watermelons or six apples OR 3 watermelons and 3 apples and listen to Kids music on the sims radio and watch Kidz zone on sims tv AND get a fertility treatment.

Good luck with six kids.

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I love it

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Q: Can you have Sextuplets in Sims 3?
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Can you have sextuplets on sims3?

You cannot have six children at once in the Sims 3, the maximum number the game will allow is three. If you want sextuplets, try searching the internet for a mod that will let you increase this number.

How do you get sextuplets on the sims 2 apartmentlife?

the only way you can have more then twins on the sims 2 for the PC is to use cheats and downloads

Can you have sextuplets on the sim's 3?

nope, but you can hav triplets.

Which of the gosselins sextuplets weighed over 3 pounds?

Collin was the biggest of all the sextuplets and yes he weighed over three pounds

How do you have sextuplits on the sims 2?

The only way to have sextuplets on the sims 2 is to use the cheat aging off, then make your sims have 6 babies one after the other, none of them will get any older, so when you have the six, and type aging on, it will be as if they were born at the same time.

What are six kids called when they all have the same parent?

Sextuplets sextuplets. sextuplets

How many minutes apart were the Gosselin sextuplets born?

3 minutes.

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With sims 3 can you have sims 2 pets?

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What its called when you are having 6 babies?

quintuplets2 is twins=3 is triplets==4 is quadruplets==5 is quintuplets==6 is sextuplets=