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It is a 320 GB model produced from September 2010 until August 2011 when it was replaced by the 320 GB model CECH-3001B

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Q: What size hard drive does ps3 model CECH-2101B?
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How do you know your PS3 hard drive size?

You look at the Model number and you can then see the harddrive size for that model number at the PlayStation support network.

Where do you find your hard drive size on your ps2 slim?

The PS2 slim does not have a harddrive

What is the difference between a 4gb xbox and a 200gb xbox?

The hard drive size is only the difference, nothing else.

Can you use a PC hard drive in a PS3?

The harddrive is the size of a standard notebook harddrive not a PC size harddrive. So you can not fit it in the smaller spot required for the notebook size harddrive

Which is better PS3 slim 250gb or PS3 slim 120gb?

The one and only difference is the hard drive space. Niether one runs faster or has better graphics. the 250gb costs 50 dollars more. You could buy a 320gb hard drive and replace the 120gb hard drive for the same price as buying a 250gb hard drive. And its very simple to do and takes no computer skills. Look how easy it is. To find the $50 320gb hard drive for the ps3 search eBay for ps3 hard drive Replacing the harddrive is not without cost in your time and labor and you must also have to ability and knowledge or the time required could be much greater. Also if you harddrive is not at least half full wait because the prices continue to drop and the size increases as the technology improves The new PS3 models are out and they are the 160 GB model for 299.99 and for pre order only the 320 GB PS3 Move Bundle for $399.99 to be shipped on September 17 2010. see related link The Move Bundle gives you the 320 GB model for the Price of the 160 GB $299.99 and the cost of the Move Bundle $99.99 and is the best PS3 at the best price ever. The Move bundle for $99.99 includes a PlayStation Eye Camera $39.99. Sports Champions Move Game $39.99, & a Move Motion Controller $49.99

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How do you know your PS3 hard drive size?

You look at the Model number and you can then see the harddrive size for that model number at the PlayStation support network.

What size is the hard drive's internal cache?

This hard drive has a 100Gb internal cache.

Are all PS3 250 gbs slim?

All PS3s can have the Hard drive replaced with a 250 GB or larger size hard drive, but the 250 slim is the only 250 GB PS3 Model Sony has sold.

What is the maximum size hard drive that INT13 extensions can support?

Depends on the computer. You need to ask your manufacturer how much your pacific model can hold

What does the cache(8 meg) mean or do for a for a hard drive?

The cache size is refers to the size of buffer on the hard drive. The bigger the the buffer, the less the hard drive has to access the drive. Also it improves the time that the computer needs to access data from the drive.

4000000 KB is what percent of hard drive?

The percentage depends on the size of the hard drive. You would need to know the entire size of the hard drive to do the simple math. 4000000kb equals 4Gb.... now if your had a 100gb hard drive, that would add up to 4%.

What is the hard drive on a laptop?

The hard drive on a laptop is the same thing as the hard drive in a desktop, only smaller in size. The hard drive stores all your documents, music, videos and software.

What is the size of the hard disk drive?


Why is file size importnant?

every hard drive has only so much memory. the files size is there so you know how space it takes on you hard drive

Can you replace your hard drive in an hp laptop?

Yes, you can replace a hard drive in an HP laptop. Hard drives for laptops are a standard 2.5 inch size drive. You can pick them up online between $50-$200 depending on the size and if its solid state drive or a mechanical drive

What size is the hard drive of the latest iMac?

The standard hard drive on the iMac as of 3/13 is 1 TB.

How much is in a 40gb hard drive?

Only as fast as its CPU. Doesn't matter the size of the hard drive - the hard drive does not determine processor speed.