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The one and only difference is the hard drive space. Niether one runs faster or has better graphics. the 250gb costs 50 dollars more. You could buy a 320gb hard drive and replace the 120gb hard drive for the same price as buying a 250gb hard drive. And its very simple to do and takes no computer skills. Look how easy it is.

To find the $50 320gb hard drive for the ps3 search eBay for ps3 hard drive

Replacing the harddrive is not without cost in your time and labor and you must also have to ability and knowledge or the time required could be much greater. Also if you harddrive is not at least half full wait because the prices continue to drop and the size increases as the technology improves

The new PS3 models are out and they are the 160 GB model for 299.99 and for pre order only the 320 GB PS3 Move Bundle for $399.99 to be shipped on September 17 2010. see related link

The Move Bundle gives you the 320 GB model for the Price of the 160 GB $299.99 and the cost of the Move Bundle $99.99 and is the best PS3 at the best price ever.

The Move bundle for $99.99 includes a PlayStation Eye Camera $39.99. Sports Champions Move Game $39.99, & a Move Motion Controller $49.99

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Q: Which is better PS3 slim 250gb or PS3 slim 120gb?
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Does PS3 need a memory card or does it have internal memoery?

The PS3 slim has 2 models one with 120GB harddrive and the other with a 250GB harddrive

What is the newest PS3?

The PS3 slim with 120GB hardrive.

Is there going to be a new PS3?

The newest PS3 is the CECH-2101B 250GB and the CECH-2101A 120GB models with a May 2010 release and the earlier PS3 slim models are still in production. see related link

What is better Xbox 360 or the ps3 slim?

ps3 slim 250gb is the best, The 320 GB PS3 Move Bundle is best for only $399 USA

How much is a 120gb ps3 slim?

£249.99 $299.99USA

When is PS3 slim out?

now! the 250gb is out now too.

What is the difference between PS3 and PS3 slim?

The difference is: The PS3 slim is 33% smaller, 33% quieter and uses 33% less power than the original Fat PS3. Also the PS3 slim has more memory, 120GB, 250GB etc.. The slim PS3 has only 2 usb ports.Well for one the PS3 slim in 33% smaller than a normal PS3. Another thing is that the chances of getting Yellow Light of Death are very slim as the PS3 slim won't over heat as there is so much air vents around it. You can get more memory on a PS3 slim.

Is the PS3 model?

40gb, 60gb, 80gb, 120gb, 250gb, also can be upgraded to 320gb at sony centers.

What is better xbox 360 elite or ps3 slim 250gb?

Grow up people. It is a personal choice as to which system you have.

What is the difference between PS3 siln to PS3?

The PS3 slim is 33% smaller, 33% quieter and uses 33% less power than the original fat PS3. Also the PS3 slim has significantly more memory, 120GB, 250GB etc... The PS3 slim only has 2 USB ports. If you are considering on buying a PS3, I would say go for the 120GB!

How much is PS3 in Botswana?

P3300 (250GB slim)

How much is a ps3 in 2010?

In the USA the retail price is 299.99 for the 120GB slim PS3 and 349.99 for the 250GB slim. The problem is that many have been sold out as of March 25 2010 and are on backorder and some sellers are charging more.