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The PS2 slim does not have a harddrive

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Q: Where do you find your hard drive size on your ps2 slim?
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What is the hard drive size of the x-box 360 slim?

Get a PS3 you noob

What is the biggest hard drive you can get for Xbox slim?

The biggest size is 320GB hard drive for the older models. 250gb on the xbox 360 s.

Are all PS3 250 gbs slim?

All PS3s can have the Hard drive replaced with a 250 GB or larger size hard drive, but the 250 slim is the only 250 GB PS3 Model Sony has sold.

Can a ps3 fat hard disk drive fit a ps3 slim hard dusk drive?


Can you put your hard drive into the new slim xbox 360?

Yes, you can find several videos about it, you need a screw driver with T6 and T8 size heads. The old hard drive with move around inside a little and could break the hard drive if you move the system so use some thing to fill the space or take it out before you move it.

Can you put a 250 xbox slim hard drive in a 4 gb xbox slim?

Yes you can

Is memory and hard drive on xbox 360 slim the same?

no it is not

Where is the hard drive on Xbox 360 slim?

Inside of the Xbox.

Where to buy an hard drive for xbox 360 slim?

You can buy a Xbox 360 s hard drive from the Xbox website.

Is the Xbox 360 detachable hard drive compatible with the new Xbox 360 slim?

No, the new xbox 360 slim basically has a hard drive like a block, way better than the original xbox 360's long hard drive.

How can you convert a regular harddrive to be compatible with an xbox 360 slim?

You can convert your regular hard drive to be compatible with Xbox 360 slim but it will contain you taking apart your hard drive. This is fairly easy, the only this you need to do is take apart the hard drive, slide out the main hard drive system and place it into your Xbox 360 slim. There are many videos about this on youtube. It is best to watch tutorials about it before attempting to do it.

What will happen to the xbox 360 slim hard drive if you modify the xbox 360 slim?

Nothing should happen because you shouldnt been modding the hard drive section, or the hole xbox.