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Catch a level 15 Gastly in the lavender town tower *It must be level 15 to have hypnosis in its moveset* then take it to the fan club pc when its in your party and press A and youre done with this frustrating part of the hack gewt psyduck from nurse joy in the building by the game corner to get hm 3

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Q: What should you do to cure the hypno in Pokemon ash quest?
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How do you cure Draco pyre in adventure quest?

cant you cure it at The Cure? if no then go be a werepyre by getting bitten by wolfwing then go cure it.

What is the correct way to go in the cure in adventure quest?

eastern passage

If you are a werewolf in Adventure quest how do change back into a human?

first go to darkovia , second select the cure , if you finish the quest you will be a human :)

How did Percy Jackson find the cure for Thalia?

He went on a quest for the golden fleece.

In Pokemon soul silver how can you heal your opponents Pokemon from being burned?

you cant unless the Pokemon has refresh or a berry that heals a burn or it has natural cure(only works if they switch out the Pokemon with the ability natural cure).

How many times do you find a cure in mech quest?

10 times (Not success in a row)

How do you get spellbreaker in Skyrim?

Go to the shrine of PeryiteTalk to Kesh the KhajhiitComplete the quest "The Only Cure"

Easy vampire cure oblivion?

If you buy the Vile Lair download, I believe the Font of Renewal can cure vampirism. Otherwise, you need to go on the quest.

On Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver what is the SecretPotion?

You get it at the Cianwood City Pharmacy. It is used to Cure The Lighthouse Pokemon Ampharos. This answer is right-on. the pharmacy in Cianwood City in the Johto Region, and it is used to cure the ailling lighthouse Pokemon ampharos.

How can you cure the pokerus in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no cure, but Pokerus is good! Don't get scared or worried for your Pokemon, it will actually do them good. If your other Pokemon catch it, even better! It only lasts for a day and it raises one of the STATS by heaps!

How can you cure the milktank in Pokemon Silver?

You use oran berries.

How do you cure shadow Pokémon in Pokémon colessom?

To purify the shadow pokemon you would already have done the battle at the shrine in Agate Village and the shrine should be glowing when you're next to it. The heart meter or whatever it's called (where the exp. gauge should be) should be completely empty for the pokemon to be ready for purification. Just take the ready pokemon and bring them to the shrine and choose those pokemon when the shrine lets you.