Easy vampire cure oblivion

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you buy the Vile Lair download, I believe the Font of Renewal can cure vampirism. Otherwise, you need to go on the quest.

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Q: Easy vampire cure oblivion
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On Oblivion when you try to get the cure for vampirism and ive given her all the ingredients why does she say that she still needs more?

maybe she wants more than one of each ingredient

What is the cheat code for vampires in Sims 3?

There is no cheat code. You need to befriend a vampire sim and then ask them to turn. This will not work if you have not befriended a vampire. To turn from a vampire to a regular sim again go to the science faculty and buy the vampirism cure. It cost 3000 simoleons however.

How do you you cure vampires on the sims 3?

There is a cure... Go to the Science facility and once you find it i believe the option is Cure for Vampirism oh and it will have the price which is $3,000 in sim dollars of course... Then have the vampire sim that you want cured go to the science facility and click this option and have them go in and get the cure... it will take a few mins but when they come out go to there inventory and you will see a bottle called Vampire B Gone. That's the cure, have them drink it and they will be cured... if you don't have the money then you can type in motherlode( this is a money cheat ) and it will give you $50,000 so you can buy the cure... oh and id you don't know how to open the cheat menu just hold shift + ctrl + c and a thin window in the top of the screen will open up and u can type motherlode in and then hit enter and there you go 50,000 dollars will be added to you sim's household funds...

How does your sim in sims 2 become a vampire?

Your Sims have to go downtown at night and eventually meet a grand vampire. They must be friends the vampire and they will bite you. You can also type boolProp testingcheatsenabled true in the the cheat box window (press control shift c for the cheat box) then shift click your sim and then hit more, and make vampire. If you want to cure vamprism you must buy a potion from the matchmaker. Note: you need Night Life for this to work

How do you make a cure for vampire bite in sims 2 for PSP?

First, buy a work bench (what you use to build Mechanical skill). Second, buy Plasma and Garlic seeds at a store (Mambo Loa's store, for instance). Third, build your Cooking skill until you have 4 Cooking. This can be done by cooking or reading about cooking. Fourth, go to your work bench and press Create.../Vampire Potion. When you've made the vampire potion, then you can drink it by pressing the Right and Left buttons until it appears. Then, press the x button.

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If you cure porphyric hemophilia before becoming a vampire in oblivion can you still be a vampire later?

Yes. Just become reinfected from another vampire later.

Why do the guards keep saying feeding time is over vampire in oblivion?

Because you've been infected with vampirism, and did not cure it in time.

Get cure for vampire in oblivion?

I share your pain. If you have the game of the year addition your screwed but if you have the regular game than you talk to the vampire guy in the dark brotherhood. That will start a quest which leads to infinite gold. Have fun.

How do you cure porpheric hemophillia in oblivion 4?

before you actually become a vampire use a cure disease potion or eat a mandrake root. If you are a vampire speak to the vampire in the dark brotherhood and he starts a quest to become normal again. Rememer to cheak after every figth with vampires if you have the diseases as you catch it when a vampires hits you in a fight and you only get bitten when you are sleeping when you have the diseases

How on The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion after being turned into a vampire how do you go back to your regular race?

before you completely turn there is a quest for a cure, but if you do not do that quest in time then the change is completely unchangeable.

What does cure vampire mean on sims 2 double deluxe?

If you mean like, on boolprop it means cure vampire. But, you have to be a vampire to cure one.

How do you cure yellow tick in oblivion?

Visiting any of the Altars of the Nine Divines (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)Casting the Restoration spell Cure Disease on yourselfUsing any potion that has the Cure Disease effect.

How do you cure swamp fever in oblivion?

Just buy a Cure disease potion, eat mandrake or get the cure disease spell.

Is there a cure for vampire bites?

no no

How do you cure vampireism in oblivion?

You have to ask Raminus Polus at the Arcane University about the disease and he should point you in the right direction on the quest.

What is the cure for a vampire bite?

There is no current cure. Scientists are currently researching the disease. Have fun being a vampire. EDIT: There is no such thing as a vampire so disregard the last sentence.

How do you dothe vampire cure quest in oblivion?

Modded content like The One Ring should come with its own documentation to tell you how to start/find the modded content. Apart from that, it is impossible to say without knowing which mod exactly is being referred to.