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first go to darkovia ,

second select the cure ,

if you finish the quest you will be a human :)

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Q: If you are a werewolf in Adventure quest how do change back into a human?
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How do you change being a vampire to a werewolf in adventure quest?

Get Curre

Can you become an alpha werewolf in Adventure Quest?

You Can't

How do you stop being a werewolf in adventure quest?

you really cant once you pick werewolf of vampire you stay that sry :(

How do you enter the werewolf lair in adventure quest?

You simply click the werewolf lair button and then get cursed and ta da you did it

On adventure quest which passages do you take to get the cure?

if you want to change go to dracopyre or werepyre they're stronger than vampire and werewolf P.S cacapoopipipishire!

How do you change your race in adventure quest?

you go to darkanova and click on like vamprie castle for an ex and press become a vamp and your a can also do this for werewolf and dracopyre.

How do you raise your werewolf level on adventure quest?

you ask the big leader guy and he will give you stuf to do

In Adventure quest worlds where do you find werewolves?

The werewolf is located in the last screen of willowcreek (/join willowcreek).

Is there a way to change between clans in adventure quest?

To get out of a subrace (Vampire/Werewolf: You have to play the cure quest in darkovia forest. To get out of a clan: At the southern tip of Paxia there are two statues, the Negatus statue will let you out of any clan you're in

What happens when you beat the werewolf quests on adventure quest?

Nothing,absolutely nothing.Just some exp from mission 'course :)!

How do you unshapeshift in adventure quest?

just change armors.

In Adventure Quest what happens when you level up your werewolf skill in the werewolf quests?

Actually you regenerate more health from the damage you take so if you took 50 damage lv 1 werewolf you would regenerate probebly 3-5