What shade is azure?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Azure is the shade of blue with a little bit of purple

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Q: What shade is azure?
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What is the sentence of azure?

It was a late summers day and the corn was golden, the sky the deepest shade of azure.

What is one shade darker than azure?


Azure in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence with 'azure':After the storm, the sky became a beautiful shade of azure, and all the clouds could not be seen.

Can you give me a sentence for azure?

It was a late summers day, the corn was golden and the sky the deepest shade of azure.

What color has the letter z in it?

Maize. Azure is a color that has a "Z". It is a shade of blue.

Are azure flute and black flute are same?

No. Azure is a shade of blue. I think you mean in Pokémon Platinum. Is that right?If so then no. The Black Flute is used to keep wild pokémon away white the Azure Flute can only be used on Spear Pillar and allows you to enter the Hall of Origin where Arceus can be caught.

Translation of french to English for azur?

Azur means blue.There is a perfectly good English word azure which conveys exactly the same shade of blue as the french azur.

Is ceurlean a shade of red?

Cerulean is a bright blue. It has been described as a clear sky blue by some people. Others would tell you it is somewhere between cobalt and azure blue.

What is an antonym for azure?

no there is not a antonym for azure

What is azure in a sentence?

Azure is a bright blue color. The sky was clear and azure, as was the water.

What words end with the letter 'AZ'?

azure - a shade of blue azalea - a kinda of flower Aztec - a South American people Azerbaijan - a country

How do you use azure in a sentence?

The color azure is one of my favorite colors.