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Ok this is a hard question and shouldn't be answered because this question is a question you should find the answer to on your own plus I checked my pokedex looked around and all the rare Pokemon have unknown areas sorry

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Q: What routes are rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?
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Where can you catch a relicanth on Pokemon Ruby?

Relicanth is rare. They'll only appear if you go underwater on Routes 124 and 126.

Where is firey path in Pokemon Ruby?

The Fiery path dungeon is located on routes 111 and 112 in Pokémon Ruby. Players can get rare items in the Fiery path.

How many rare candies can you get in Pokemon Ruby?

You can get three rare candies in Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald

A rare Pokemon glitch in Pokemon ruby?


Is solrock a rare Pokemon?

Solrock is not such a rare Pokemon but you can only get them in ruby/emerald

How do you get a horsea in Pokemon Ruby?

the routes left of pacifidlog town

How do you get Horsea in Ruby?

You can obtain Horsea by fishing on Routes 132, 133, and 134 in Pokemon Ruby.

Were to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

n e where

How do you get ultra rare Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

You catch them. Or trade for them.

Where are rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Groudon is rare and you get him just by following the story line. The only other "rare" Pokemon I'm aware of in Ruby would be Relicanth, a rock/water type fish Pokemon that can be found underwater.

How do you catch the rare Lugia in Pokemon ruby?

Rare Pokemon come randomly when you're in the grass or cave.

How do you catch Beldum in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

go to sandgem town, in dawns house a girl there will tell you routes where rare Pokemon can be found, hopefuly she will say a route where beldum can be found