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You actually find surskit in the grass not in water.

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Q: What rod do you use to catch surskit?
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Where to catch surskit in ruby version?

in rout in the water and use super rod 15 sure do work.becuase in my game boy workt prfectly

How can surskit in pearl?

if you mean how can you get surskit in pearl? then migrate it from a GBA game and catch it in the pal park.

How do you catch surskit on enerald?

mass outbreak

What rod do you use to catch feebass?

good rod

Where do you find the highest leveled Surskit in Pokemon Sapphire?

You aren't able to catch a surskit in Sapphire. You have to trade it from Emerald or elsewhere.

What kind of rod do you use to catch feebas?

Apparently you can use any rod.

Which rod to catch feebas on sapphire?

Super rod is the best rod to use.

What rod do you need to use to catch a shellder?

Super Rod.

Do you have to use super rod to catch feebas?

no but you have to use a old rod and the area its in that's where it will be

What rod to use to catch febass?

use a good rod for a febass. and they are mostly in sapphire

What rod do you use to catch krabby in Pokemon Yellow?

You need to use a super rod

What rod do you use to catch corsola?

Use super rod on the route by Evergreen City.