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Q: What region did N go to on Pokemon black and white?
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How do you go to another region in Pokemon White?

You cannot go to another region in Pokemon Black or White.

Can you get to the Shinno region in Pokemon white 2 and Pokemon Black 2?

No, you cannot go to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

What region can you travel back to in Pokemon black and white 2?

You can't go to any region besides Unova in Black and White 2.

Can Pokemon Black and White go back to previous reagan?

Region?Sorry no.

Where do you go to catch keldeo in Pokemon Black and White?

It is an event pokemon. You will need to wait for Nintendo to announce the dates for the event in your region.

What is the name of the region for pok'emon black and white?

in Japanese: isshu in English: unova go to for Pokemon news

How do you get to the next region in Pokemon Black?

There is no next region in Pokémon Black. Unova is the only region that you can go to in Pokémon Black.

How do you go to the Kanto region in Pokemon White?

Impossible your in the unova Region

When you finish Pokemon Black and White do you go to another region?

i never finished but im pretty sure that's a yes

Does the Pokemon in black and white go in to the SoulSilver pokedecks?

no because you cannot get Pokemon black and white Pokemon on soul silver

Can you go to Sinnoh in black and white?

No. Unova is the only region in Poke on Black and White.

How many regions can you go to in Pokemon white and black?

only the Unova region Morphious: Actually, you can go to the Hoenn Region. If you go to Riun City (Third Gym Badge), at the Pokemon center, if you go to the dock closest by it, there is a boat that takes you there. ITS ONLY THERE AT NIGHT!!!!!!

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