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Q: Is Pokemon black or white on PSP go?
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Is the PSP go black better then the PSP go white?

Both of the devices are the same apart, from the fact that the psp go black can heat up faster if it is used in sun light.

Does the Pokemon in black and white go in to the SoulSilver pokedecks?

no because you cannot get Pokemon black and white Pokemon on soul silver

Does Pokemon Black and White is on PS3?

Yes, you can play Pokemon Black and White on a PS3. Go get it now and play it on your PS3.

Is it better to get a white or black PSP Go?

i would say get a black one because it doesn't stain up as much as the white one

How do you get a male nidoran in pokemon white?

You go to White Forest when Ken is the resident, then use Entralink to Pokemon Black and go to Black City, then he should be there to give it to you.

How do you get nidoran in Pokemon white?

Go to White Forest when Ken is the resident, if he is, use Entralink to go to Black City from Pokemon Black and you'll receive Nidoran.

When can you trade from Pokemon Black and White to black and white 2?

go in the pokemon center, in the middle section there is a lady. talk to her and go inside. a another person will need to be there to trade pokemon

Is Pokemon white better then black?

Totally man.

How do you pre-order Pokemon Black and White?

Go to Gamestop and ask to preorder Black/White.

Can you go the other regions in Pokemon black and white?


What is that black boat in Pokemon White for?

go on it and find out.

How can you get to asperitia city on Pokemon Black?

aspertia city is the player's hometown in black 2 and white 2. you cannot go there in the original pokemon black and white.