What pokemons know dig?

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rock type pokemons can use dig and fighting types also

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Diglet and Dugtrio

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Q: What pokemons know dig?
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All pokemons codes?

you won't know unless you buy ALL pokemons

Does other Pokemon know's dig with out a TM in Pokemon ruby?

Other Pokemon do know dig without the TM dig. Most DIGlets know dig. Find diglets in Diglet cave. Hope this helps!

How do archaeologists know where to dig?

they just know

What race are the Pokemon characters?

Pokemons are pokemons

Where can you find Eevee in Pokemon emerald?

the pokemons who isnot registered in first pokedex there are in........... not i and not any boy and girl did not know where is new pokemons.

How do you dig in Pokemon paltome?

Some Pokemon that know, or can learn Dig: Sandshrew, Sandslash, and the Mightyena that I have knows Dig also.

Can you catch other peoples pokemons on pokemons blue version?


What Pokemon does Candice have in platinum?

I do not know what Pokemon she has but I know she has ice type Pokemon so use fire type pokemons.

How do you get out of seafoam island in LeafGreen?

Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that know dig Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that know dig Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that knows dig

Can gravler learn dig?

Graveler can learn the move Dig but not naturally. Graveler can only learn Dig from a TM or was bred to know the move.

How do you defeat electric type pokemons?

you can defeat electric type Pokemon by using ground type Pokemon or ground type moves such as dig or earthquake.for Pokemon i would advise rhydon or geodude

How many legendaries are in emerald?

In general, there are 6 legendary Pokemons in Emerald. If you count the Event Pokemons in Emerald, then there are 12 legendary Pokemons in Emerald.

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