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i Know how to get both. type in the battle a trainer box : RuneRistarsgym and it should come up with a trainer with six shiny chanseys or blissys. if so add him/her as a friend and change your pokemons moves to : toxic , double kick , and dig.

use them in this way

toxic (make sure it poisens it)

double kick (if toxic dosent poisen it use again)

MUST use dig

then double kick

double kick




D in that order till it dies

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Q: How can you get lots of money and exp on Pokemon on tppc?
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How do you get expshare in Pokemon tppc?

Exp ShareWhat it does: Shares exp earned with the Pokemon you attached the item to.Pokemon(s) that hold this item:WynautWobbuffet

Where can you find Exp. Share on Pokemon TPPC?

You can find it on wild wynauts and wobbefets they can be found in the cleft.

Where do you get exp share on tppc 8?

wobbuffets on victory road have them

Where do you get exp share on tppc?

On Wobuffet or Waynut. They can be found at the cleft.

Where to find exp share on tppc 8?

wobuffets from victory path have them

Is there a glitch Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

yes, you can use the VS seeker to get infinite money and exp, just keep using the vs seeker and battling people for infinite money and exp too!

Cheats on how to get your Pokemon to high levels in Pokemon ruby?

unless you have a gameshark i would suggest getting the Pokemon from a trade those gain extra exp mabe go through the elite four with a exp share on the one that you want to train and don't send it out just use your good Pokemon to kill the elite fours Pokemon and you will gain lots of exp for that Pokemon you never sent out that has the exp share

How do you evolve finneon in Pokemon diamond really quick?

do lots of trainer battles but make sure your Finneon is first in your party. do lots of trainer battles and as soon as you battle them switch to a tougher Pokemon and make it beat the trainers Pokemon your Finneon and tougher Pokemon will both get lots of exp which will level it up quicker and evolve it quicker it'll help if your tougher Pokemon and Finneon is holding an exp share hope this helped!

How do you exp share?

give the exp share to a weak Pokemon when you use any Pokemon to fight exp goes to the fighting Pokemon and the 1 with the exp share.

Is it easy to train Bagon to Salamance?

sort of, it needs lots of exp to level up but salamance is a good pokemon.

How do you get xp for your Pokemon on Pokemon indego?

first you enter a battle and when you beat any of the Pokemon your Pokemon will gain exp points and you will win money whenever you beat a Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get exp quicly in pearl?

you could switch Pokemon in battle then all Pokemon that battled get exp or you could get the exp share and give it to one of your Pokemon