Where do you get exp share on tppc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On Wobuffet or Waynut. They can be found at the cleft.

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Q: Where do you get exp share on tppc?
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Where do you get exp share on tppc 8?

wobbuffets on victory road have them

Where to find exp share on tppc 8?

wobuffets from victory path have them

Where can you find Exp. Share on Pokemon TPPC?

You can find it on wild wynauts and wobbefets they can be found in the cleft.

How do you get expshare in Pokemon tppc?

Exp ShareWhat it does: Shares exp earned with the Pokemon you attached the item to.Pokemon(s) that hold this item:WynautWobbuffet

How do you exp share?

give the exp share to a weak Pokemon when you use any Pokemon to fight exp goes to the fighting Pokemon and the 1 with the exp share.

How much exp do you get from an exp share?

Half of the exp is given to the Pokemon who has the exp share normally If it is a double battle and the exp share holder is battling he gets 3/4 of the exp If he is not he gets a half and the other 2 battling get 1/4 From: experience

Does exp share affect stats?

No, Only Exp.

Does Exp. Share work on Shadow Pokemon?

an exp. share works on any pokemon your welcome

What is the item that gives you extra exp in Pokemon?

exp. share

Can you get the exp all in Pokemon ruby?

No, only the Exp Share

How do you get the exp share in Pokemon emraled?

you tell the devon owner you delivered the letter he will give you the exp share

Exp share FireRed?

An oak aide in a big building east of fuchsia city has exp share you need to record 50 Pokemon in your pokedex and show him that, he gives you exp share for your accomplishment.