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you can defeat electric type Pokemon by using ground type Pokemon or ground type moves such as dig or earthquake.for Pokemon i would advise rhydon or geodude

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Q: How do you defeat electric type pokemons?
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How do you get the cerulean gym badge in soul silver?

Use the electric and grass type Pokemons.

How we can defeat can defeat Empoleon?

Electric/Fighting type moves

What is wind Pokemons weak to?

Flying Pokemon are weak to ice, rock, and electric type attacks.

How do you get in cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There will be a hole. But if you are talking about the one in Pewter City, then you must defeat Brock first, in the Gym, so you can get your The Boulder Badge. You will have to defeat Geodude and Onix though, which i recommend to not use Electric pokemons in battle.

How do you defeat eighth gym?

Use electric,grass Pokemon to defeat the water types! My tropius is lv43, must keep training! My manectric lv42,must also keep training!!! simple,use these 2 pokemons!

What kind of Pokemon can you use to defeat electric Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

with using a rock or ground type Pokemon, the best Pokemon you can use to defeat a electric type is rhyperior ok!?

What to do to go to suunyshore in pokemons perl ds?

Catch/Defeat PALKIA

How do you defeat Marlon in white 2?

The best way to defeat Marlon is to use an Electric or Grass type since his team is of the water type.

What type of Pokemon can defeat dewgong?

I think any electric type Pokemon would be okay.

Which Pokemon is most effect on electric pokemons?

Ground types.

How do you defeat garchomp?

to defeat garchomp you need to have a palkia that has the dragon type move called :Special Rend

Can Zapdos defeat Rhyhorn?

Yes, a Zapdos could defeat a Rhyhorn if the Zapdos did not use any electric type moves. I'd use Flying type moves.