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it depends on what taste it has that is said in the southeast corner of their summary

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Q: What pokeblock ingridient does swampert like?
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What pokeblock does gligar like?

Liteblue pokeblock..

What kind of pokeblock does pinsir like?

It depends on its nature, or just give what color it is. A brown pokeblock would do

What pokeblock does Heracross like?

Blue ones

How do you get Pokemon on Emerald to like you?

give them the kind of pokeblock they like

What is the main ingridient of a vaccination?

the main ingridient of a vaccination is microbe apon other things

How do you give Pokemon pokeblock?

In Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald after you make a pokeblock, you can check the pokeblock case and you give the desired Pokemon the pokeblock to help it do better in Pokemon contests. After you have received a pokeblock case and you made pokeblock at the berry blending machine go to your key items in your bag and scroll down to your pokeblock case then simply select the pokeblock you want to give your Pokemon.

How do you use the pokeblock in Emerald?

Mix one out of berries. It will be in your pokeblock case. Feed it to the Pokemon that you want to give the pokeblock to.

What type of pokeblock does a hardy nature like in Pokemon?

The type of Pokeblock that a hardy nature Pokemon likes is one made with berries. These can be found throughout the game.

What is the final evolution of mudkip and what does it look like?

its name is swampert. it evolves from marstomp. If you want to see what swampert looks like look on google.

What berry do you use for a white pokeblock?

there isn't a white pokeblock

What is the point of a pokeblock?

The point of a pokeblock is by mixing berries in berry blenders together after mixing the berries you give a taste if the pokeblock is the right flavor for your pokemon and also It helps in pokemon contest and battles by raising your pokemons contest skill And the recomended pokeblock that you will have to make is the red pokeblock

How do you make pokeblock in diamond?

Pokeblock's are not in diamond instead there called poffin's, just like ruby, sapphire and emerald in the Pokemon contests you can create your own poffin using berries.