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Mix one out of berries. It will be in your pokeblock case. Feed it to the Pokemon that you want to give the pokeblock to.

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Q: How do you use the pokeblock in Emerald?
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How do you make a pokeblock without a friend?

If you are playing on emerald, you can interact with any of the tables the npcs are sitting at to make a pokeblock!

How do you get Pokemon on Emerald to like you?

give them the kind of pokeblock they like

How do you give Pokemon pokeblock?

In Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald after you make a pokeblock, you can check the pokeblock case and you give the desired Pokemon the pokeblock to help it do better in Pokemon contests. After you have received a pokeblock case and you made pokeblock at the berry blending machine go to your key items in your bag and scroll down to your pokeblock case then simply select the pokeblock you want to give your Pokemon.

What berry do you use for a white pokeblock?

there isn't a white pokeblock

Where to get a pokeblock case on Pokemon emerald?

in order to get the pokeblock case, you have to go to the Pokemon contest in lilicove.After that, talk to the girl on the upper, upper, left with blue to the one on the left.then she will give you a pokeblock case.thank you for reading.hope it helped =]

Who is the poke block master?

the old guy next to the pokeblock machine in lillycove.(EMERALD)

Are poffins and pokeblock the same?

yes; they do the same thing only difference is one is made in a machine and one you cook but they both use berries in the creation. of course pokeblock is exclusive to sapphire, ruby, and emerald. poffins are exclusive to diamond, pearl, and platinum.

How do you make pokeblock in diamond?

Pokeblock's are not in diamond instead there called poffin's, just like ruby, sapphire and emerald in the Pokemon contests you can create your own poffin using berries.

Where do you get a pokrblock case in emerald?

you can find a pokeblock case in emerald at the Pokemon contest hall in lilycove city by talking to the two ladies that enter you into a contest

What is the Pokeblock explanation for Emerald?

And I quote, "A pokeblock is a tasty treat that most Pokemon are attracted to. Try placing them in different places to see various effects."AnswerAnd I quote, "A pokeblock is a tasty treat that most Pokemon are attracted to. Try placing them in different places to see various effects."

How do you get the pokeblock case on Pokemon emerald?

go to the contest hall and ask the lady on the left hope i helped from Aleandro

Where do you get the pokeblock case in emerald?

After you get past the safari zone go to the nextgames tent and talk to the front desk girl she will give you it