What pets can non-members have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In RuneScape, non-members cannot have pets. Only members can. However, some users have taken to calling the stray dogs that wander around Varrock that follow people when they get close as their "pets", but officially and technically, they aren't really the person's pet - just a stray dog with fleas.

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Q: What pets can non-members have?
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In runescape can nonmembers get pets?

no non members can not get pets. sorry!

Can a non member on fantage take their pet outside the house without magic codes?

-magic codes arent the thing that allows you to take your pet outside, they simply allow nonmembers to have pets other than the first 2 given to you -since the 2 pets that are given to nonmembers cannot be taken outside, nonmembers cant take their pets outside unless they buy other pets that aren't part of the pebble family -the only way for nonmembers to buy more pets is by using magic codes, with ecoins

Can nonmembers on fantage have their 2 pets and a magic code pet?

yes they can

Can nonmembers on fantage put pets in there homes?

No, they can't. You have to be a member to put a pet in your home.

Can nonmembers of Fantage return their pets?

No... Sorry. No one on Fantage can return their pets to the store. Not even members, if that makes you feel any better about it... Hope this helped! -Crm089

How do nonmembers on fantage get more than 2 pets?

You Can't Because Egg Have To be Bought With Stars. And Only Mems Can Buy Them. Sorry!

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You just need to go. For nonmembers, you will be stopped at a certain point. Continue when it is released for nonmembers.

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