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The best melee weapon for non-members is probably the Gravite Rapier, in terms of damage per second. The weapon with the highest accuracy and strength for nonmembers is the Gravite 2h sword, though this weapon attacks much slower. Please note that both of these weapons require you to dungeoneer for quite a while, especially if your combat level is 90 or higher.

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Q: What is the best melee weapon in runescape for nonmembers?
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Runescape the best melee armor non-member?

Full Rune is the current best melee Armour for free to play characters.

What is the best weapon in RuneScape as of today?

If your looking for the best melee weapon its is the Chaotic Maul witch at the max hit, hits 950. For Range it is the Dark Bow. with its special it can, with 2 dargon arrows, hit 2 520's at max Im not sure what the best weapon in magic is so im not going to answer.

Runescape What is the best pvp range melee and magic weapon for non member?

hi, for melee, gravite 2h sword, for range, maple longbow (sighted) and for magic, gravite staff. All these items need a decent dungeonering level, but its worth it for the best weps!. hope this helped.

What is a good way to train combat in Runescape?

A good way to train combat in Runescape is to go to Soul wars. whats the best thing if im nonmembers

What is the best weapon on minecraft?

Well if you need a ranged weapon it is the bow and arrow, but the best melee weapon is the diamond sword, made with a stick with two diamonds on top.

What is the best f2p melee armor in runescape?

The best Armour for Free-to-play characters are: Corrupt dragon - Melee Green D'hide - Ranged Combat Robes - Magic

What is the best ice melee weapon in adventure quest?

The Ice Blade of awe if you elementilize it

What is the best spec weapon in runescape for members?

Dragon claws

What is the best ranger weapon f2p in runescape?

Gravite shortbow.

What is the best non-members weapon on Runescape?

In my opinion the best is a rune scimatar

What is the best sword on RuneScape?

vestas sword, but the best weapon is chaotic maul.

What are the protect armors in runescape from melee non members?

on non members the best armors to protect from melee are plate armors, or chain mail. on non members the best one you can get is rune plate.