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The overall best f2p Runescape weapon is actually a range weapon - Maple Longbow (sighted). It has a range bonus of over 100. The best f2p degradeable weapon is the Gravite 2h. Both are Dungeonneering weapons and need 45 Dungeonneering levels.

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Q: What is the best f2p rune weapon on runescape?
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Runescape What is the best non corrupt f2p weapon for strength?

For F2p it would be the Rune 2Hander as it has the highest str bonus, but i prefer the scimitar:D

Runescape What is the best non corrupt f2p weapon for defence?

Weapons don't add to your defence bonuses. The best armour, however, would be full rune.

What is Rune 2hs?

A rune 2h is a two-handed weapon. It is the best two-hander to f2p.

What is the best ranger weapon f2p in runescape?

Gravite shortbow.

What is the best free user weapon in runescape?

The best weaon in rubescape for f2p is the rune skimmy because it is fast and powerfull. this is coolbutsmart from rs and actually its the rune2h because it hits higher than scimmy

What is the best weapon in runescape non mem?

Ranging: Problaby Maple Bow with rune arrows Magic: Fire staff maybe Melee: definetly Rune 2h sword (disadvantage: it is the slowest rune weapon for F2P and you can't wield a shield with it). Instead I would recommend Rune Scimitar with the Rune Kiteshield (regular), (g) (t) or Rune Shield (h1) (h2) (h3) (h4) (h5)

What is the best meleearmouri can get with 75 def 78 att and 82 str in runescape?

F2P-Rune Sets Or Corrupt Dragon. No need for trims

What is the best weapon for training attack?

Non Members (F2P): Rune Scimitar Members (P2P): Any Godsword (Armadyl has the best Special Attack)

RuneScape best and coolest range and melee armor?

Well for f2p the best range armor is green d'hide and if u got about 1M u can get gold-trimmed set (for p2p the best is morigan's leather) As for melee : f2p-full rune (or gold-trimmed rune) ; p2p-dragon Edit: f2p corrupt dragon is better than rune. trimmed armor is the same as non-trimmed armor in terms of stats. Trova is the best melee armor for members.

What is the best armor for nonmembers on runescape?

the best F2P armor is Rune (platebody, full helm and plate legs), Saradomin, Guthix, or Zammorak. all of these give the same boosts

What is the best f2p item in runescape?

the most expensive: blue partyhat the most useful combat weapon: corrupt dragon scimitar

What is the best f2p melee armor in runescape?

The best Armour for Free-to-play characters are: Corrupt dragon - Melee Green D'hide - Ranged Combat Robes - Magic