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It is possible that once you evolve your Weepinbell into Victreebel it can not learn any moves. It is suggested not to use the stones to get these Pokemon (like Clefable, Wigglytuff, Raichu, Vileplume) until they have learned satisfactory moves in their pre-evolved states. There is an early move guide here:

However there is one more detailed for newer games here:

None of them clearly say what moves and when they can be acquired. Perhaps once the evolution happens none can be learned. However you can teach them TM and HM moves. Such as CUT, TOXIC, HYPERBEAM, GIGADRAIN, SOLARBEAM, THIEF, FLASH and several others.

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Q: What moves victreebel learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What moves does Magneton learn and when in Pokemon LeafGreen?

he can learn zap cannon

What moves does Weepinbell learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?

giga drain

What moves can sneasle learn on Pokemon emerald?

Has to be traded from LeafGreen/Colosseum.

What moves can sandshrew learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?


What moves can Bulbasaur learn in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

Bulbasaur can learn any move he can learn in Pokemon leafgreen/ firered.

What level does victreebel learn leaf storm?

Victreebel learns leaf storm at level 47. Some other moves that Victreebel is able to learn include vine whip, and energy ball.

Which Pokemon is the best in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no good Pokemon and bad Pokemon its just the way You level it up and what moves it knows /execpt Magikarp they cant learn moves but Gyrados is worth it at the end.

Why my Weepinbell can't learn the stockpile spit-up and swallow moves when it evolves in Victreebel?

Pokemon stop learning moves after stone evolution there are a few (very few!) exeptions but this isn't one

What moves does haunter learn on Pokemon LeafGreen?

I don't know... If you know, please email me at! Thank You!!!!!!!

What moves can meowth learn in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Meowth learns several movies in Pokemon LeafGreen. Meowth learns Bite, Pay Day, Faint Attack, Screech, Fury Swipes, Slash, Fake Out, and Swagger.

List all moves for Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go toémon) It has a list of all the moves Dragonite can learn in every generation.

What is the best eeve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Vaporeon because it can learn more than just water type moves and it has great stats.