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Muk, I'm not so sure about, but go to this site for help

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Q: What moves can muk learn on Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Can muk learn shadow ball?

It can be if you teach it the right moves.

Does any Pokemon learn sludge bomb by leveling up in leafgreen?

the most usall Pokemon to learn slude bomb are Poison type Pokemons or buy the HM or TM at a store (grimer, muk, arbok, Golbat,)

Where do you find a grimer and what level does it evolve into a muk?

Which game? Grimer > lvl 38 > Muk In Firered and Leafgreen you can find them in Celadon City by fishing, but that is pretty rare, and the Pokemon Mansion eveywhere.

Where is the Pokemon masion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Pokemon Mansion is at the top of Cinnabar Island near the Gym. There you can catch any fire types like Vulpix. You can also find Muk and Grimer.

Pokemon Which one is better muk or nidoking?

Muk is the better pokemon

How do you get to the fire gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you must go into the old mansion on the island and search for the key. the mansion is inhabbated by a couple Pokemon such as vulpix to muk it also has many items and trickey door locks

Where do you get the key for the gym in cinnabar in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Within the Cinnibar Mansion. You'll find Muk and Ditto here, so bring some Poke Balls, too.

How much is a Muk worth in Pokemon?

A Muk Isn't A Very Special Pokemon. It Evolves From A Grimer, Which In The First Who Pokemon Games(Kanto And Johto Regions) Aren't That Hard To Find. ^.^ But, It's Hard To Find A Muk And Catch It.

What is the national pokedex number for Muk?

Muk is #89 in the national pokedex, and it is a Poison type Pokemon.

Where do you catch Muk in Pokemon Emerald?

you can't catch muk in emerald but you can catch grimer in the fiery path and get him to level 30 and he will evolve in to muk okay

Can muk learn transform?

No. Only Ditto and Mew can learn transform. (I think...)

What leve does a grimer evolve into a muk in Pokemon emerald?

grimer evoles at level 32 to muk because i have 10