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Wobbuffet is unable to learn any HM/TM except the breeding moves taught to Wynaut, Counter, and Safeguardfrom the Move tutor for one heart scale in Fallarbor

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Q: What moves can Wobbuffet learn in sapphire?
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Can wobbuffet learn any moves?

Wobbuffet cannot learn any TMs or HMs. The only moves it can know are it's own moves, Wynauts moves, Wynaut's eggmoves, counter, and safeguard from the move tutor in fallarbor for a heartscale.

What are the moves wobbuffet can learn?

I think: Psychic, Confusion, Tackle and Karate Chop.

What Pokémon will wobbuffet breed with on Pokémon sapphire?

If you have female wobbuffet with a male and vice versa. An egg you get after breeding a wobbuffet is a wynaut.

What moves does mew learn on emerald?

the exact same on ruby and Sapphire

What moves and when does beldum learn sapphire?

All Beldum learns is Take Down. Metang and Metagross learn different moves. Hope this helps!

What moves does marshtomp learn and at what level does he learn them on sapphire?

marshtomp learns good moves in level 16 he learns mud shot but u have to train so it could learn good moves or just maake him learn moves by tm.

How do you get a wobbuffet in Pokemon platinum?

Uggg trust me you don't want a wobbuffet- They can't attack and they cant learn ANY moves. They may gain 5 HP whenever they go up a level, but they dont have physical attacks.

What moves does mew learn on emerald if you don't have ruby or sapphire?

any move

Can wobbuffet learn hypnosis?

no it can't.

Can Aron learn dig on Pokemon sapphire?

If you have a TM. The only ground type moves it can learn is earthquake and magnitude.

What level does wobbufet learn hypnosis?

Wobbuffet cannot learn Hypnosis.

What moves does duskull learn in sapphire version?

psywave faint attack and that's all i know