What moves can Palkia learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you first get palkia it knows spacial rend, ancient power, water pulse and dragon claw. If you keep raising it, it will learn heal block. A lady can teach it Draco meteor, and later you can teach it avalanche.

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Q: What moves can Palkia learn?
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What moves will Palkia naturally learn?

spacial rend,aura sphere,earth power,slash.

What are all the moves that Palkia can learn?

Palkia can learn spacial rend, dragon claw, dragon breath, scary face, water pulse, ancientpower, heal block, earth power, slash, aqua tail, aura sphere & any other water or dragon type moves.

What is the strongest water Pokemon?

ummm, this is a hard question and it comes down to Politoed, Gyrados or Palkia, and I would HAve to go with Palkia because he's a legendary and he can learn a lot of moves, of course, Gyrados is a unpredictable Pokemon because he can learn fire moves, dragona and water moves

Does Palkia learn hydro pump?

No, Palkia dos'nt learn Hydropump. He cant learn that attack.

What happens when you level Palkia up to 55?

Nothing happens other than Palkia being level 55. Palkia doesn't learn any new moves at that level; the last move it learns is Hydro Pump at level 50.

Can Palkia learn flamethrower in Pokemon pearl?

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

What level does gible learn dragon pulse at? type in palkia scroll down and look at his moves and just to let you know palkia doesnt learn dragon pulse naturally but he can from a TM. and you can get TM dragon pulse at battle tower.

What level does Palkia learn roar of time?

Palkia does not learn Roar of Time, that's Dialga. Palkia has it's own unique move: Spacial Rend.

What moves does palkia have?

Palkia will have Water Pulse, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw and Spacial Rend

Does Palkia learn Hydro Cannon?

No, Palkia is not capable of learning Hydro Cannon.

For what is the orb where Palkia was in pearl?

Its to make his moves stronger.

What are the best moves on Pokemon?

the best moves on Pokemon are only for these Pokemon dialga = roar of time palkia = spacial rend giratina = shadow force arceus = all of the above plus jugdement as you can see, arceus is the only one who can learn all these devastating moves, while the other three can only learn certain moves (unless u cheat)