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Mean look by whatch out for grow and jesus is a rapested

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Q: What move makes a Pokemon not escape?
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What move makes Pokemon not escape?

Mean look good bye beautifuls

In Pokemon Blue how do you get out of Articunos cave?

Escape rope is a pretty good option Or a Pokemon with the move dig. Or faint all you team's Pokemon.

How do you escape from the black widow's lair in poptropica?

You move your mouse in a certain way so it makes your avatar escape.

How do you get out of Stark Mountain in Pokemon diamond?

If you have an escape rope use it, if one of your Pokemon have the move 'dig' use it or get out the way you came in.

How do you catch latios with an ultra ball on Pokemon Emerald?

You either need to encounter it with a Pokemon with a trapping ability (arena trap, etc.), a move that prevents escape (block, etc.), or a move that does just enough damage and makes them flinch, allowing you to throw an ultra ball while they're weakened.

How do you get out of the seafloor cavern in Pokemon emerald?

The same way you got in, or use the escape rope or the move dig.

What does the move modifier code for Pokemon do?

it makes any Pokemon learn any move apparently i don't have my action replay but search it on the internet

Where is the move deleter in Pokemon white?

mistralton city the house next to the Pokemon center the old man will delete a move and the girl on the left of the old man makes your Pokemon remember a past move.

How do you stop Mesprite from fleeing in Pokemon platinum?

try using the move 'mean look' on it so it cant escape.

Which attack makes enemy Pokemon to sleep in Pokemon black and white?

the move sing does. that's really the only move the puts enemy Pokemon to sleep. oh wait yawn also does.

Where do you get the TM drowsy in Pokemon Soul Silver?

There is no TM "Drowsy" in any Pokemon games. You maybe thinking of the move "Yawn" that makes the target drowsy in one turn, and makes them fall asleep the next. However, this move is not available via TM or Move Tutor either. There is a Pokemon named Drowzee also.

On Pokemon what does it mean when a Pokemon flinches in battle?

it means they have been hit by a special move thet makes them have to skip their turn.