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it makes any Pokemon learn any move apparently i don't have my action replay but search it on the internet

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Q: What does the move modifier code for Pokemon do?
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How do you get a Pokemon modifier for Pokemon platinum?

You don't get A Pokemon modifier, it's an action replay code. Just Google "pokeomn modifier for platinum" for the code.

How do you get arceus need detail?

just get a Pokemon modifier code just get a Pokemon modifier code

What is a Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon modifier is a cheat code used on an Action Replay.

What is the name of the code for Pokemon modifier?


Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon heart gold?

I can't remember but on super it shows a Pokemon modifier code no bottons needed!

What number is magma storm for Pokemon modifier move code?

what that makes no sense that's aload of bull

What is the code for Pokemon Pearl's Pokemon modifier?

The cheat code is 69056472444432

What is the must be on code for Pokemon platinum?

Pokemon Modifier Is The MUST Be On Code.

Is there Short Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon platinum?


What is the Pokemon modifier code in Pokemon Pearl?

There is none.

What is the best Pokemon Pearl code?

the wild Pokemon modifier code. you can catch an Pokemon with it.

What is the Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon Platinum?

Please check, or type in Google''Pokemon modifier ar code for Pokemon platinum ☆Hope this Helps!☆