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fuse a green dragon with a metal slime

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Q: What montsers do you synthesize to get a metal dragon in dqm joker?
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Is your team good on dragon quest monster joker they are metal dragon level 29 great dragon or what ever its gold and the 4 arm guy with weapons level 24?

its pretty good

Where can you catch a metal slime in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker?

on fert isle by using the player skill 'whistle' it attracts monsters and luckily sometimes the metal slime is in the battle

How do you get shogum in dragon quest monsters joker 2?

Synthesise two metal kaiser slimes. To make a metal kaiser, synthesise a metal slime knight with a liquid metal slime and synthesise the result with the product of two ordinary metal slimes.

How many forms does kamen rider W have?

cyclone-joker cyclone-metal cyclone-trigger heat-joker heat-metal heat-trigger luna-joker luna-metal luna-trigger fang-joker if counting decade's final form ride: cyclone-cyclone joker-joker cyclone-joker extreme cyclone-joker gold extreme cyclone-accel extreme ( if you consider it as an official form) so its either 12, 13 or 14 form.

What do you get if you breed a metal dragon and a crystal dragon?

Any dragon with metal as it`s element or a metal dragon

Where do you find the person who gives you a liquid metal slime in Dragon Quest monsters Joker?

I have been looking at some sites and all I have maged to learn is you get it on Domus Isle

What do you get when you breed a gummy dragon and a metal dragon on Dragon City?

A Gummy-Metal Dragon

How do you get a metal kaiser slime on dragon quest monsters joker?

use action replay. all monsters in libary and skills libary. only works if u destroy dr.snapped

What would you get if you breed a metal dragon and a mirror dragon?

if you breed metal dragon and mirror dragon you'll get random dragon you can breed legendary to legendary you will get a pure dragons,breed pure dragon and metal dragon you'll get a pure metal dragon.

Did the metal dragon and the golden dragon the same?

technically there is no golden dragon, however there is a metal dragon and gold is a substance of metal dragon, so yes they are the same

What dragon will you breed to get a hot metal dragon in Dragon City?

breed electric with fire dragon=hot metal dragon

How do you breed a medieval dragon in Dragon City?

you breed a fire dragon with a metal dragon or you buy it in the dragon market ^^fire dragon and metal dragon