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every mod

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Q: What mods in minecraft can run with toomanyitems mod?
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Can you use the TooManyItems mod for Minecraft with the Nodus client?

No, you can't. But however, you can run the "Too Many item's" mod at a separate rate, as well as the Client, but not at the same time.

How do you download 2 mods at once for minecraft?

You have to use the modloader mod. It allows multiple mods to run at once.

Where do you put your minecraft mods?

Depends on the mod. Either you mod folder in Run>%appdata%>.minecraft or they have to be installed into the minecrat.jar file itself. Check the mod details of whatever mod you're downloading.

Is modloader safe for minecraft mods?

Mod Loader is the only mod that will allow your client to run more than one mod at once. It is very safe!

Can you put Minecraft mods If you have one already?

You can, but you need the mod modloader. It allows you to run multiple mods at the same time.

Is there a limit to how many mods in minecraft that it can run because you put five then minecraft crashes?

you can have many mod but say if you have the mc donalds mod installed then you try jammy furniture with it it will crash and minecraft will force close

Is there a limit to how many mods in Minecraft that it can run because I put five then Minecraft crashes?

No it might be that you have an out dated mod that crashes to game or that you do not have something like modloader (which you need for most mods). Also when downloading mods make sure they are for your current version of minecraft or it will defiantly crash.

How do you put the mod on Minecraft?

Which mod?!?!?! It all depends on the mod. Lots of mods are different to install. The easiest mod to instal is the Technic pack. Just install, then run. Easy. just go to

How do you get the Minecraft comes alive mod for Minecraft on the computer?

you go download it then run it and put it in your mods folder if this does not work then read the installation instructions because this could be out of date

Can creeps and weirdos mod be played on xbox 360?

No, you can't play mods on the 360 version of Minecraft. You are unable to run any unauthorised content on a console, the mods are for the PC version.

What is the biggest modpack on Minecraft?

There are hundreds of mods made by hundreds of people. They go from a single simple mod to dozens of mods that will put your computer to hard work to run them. Just do a search on the internet for minecraft mods and pick from the ones you like. Be aware tho that not all mods will work with other mods made form other people. You HAVE to read the directions of the mod to keep from crashing the game. Also be aware that every time Mojang updates the game the modders have to redo each mod to be compatible. It could be hours to weeks for some mods to work again.

How do you install portal gun for Minecraft?

1. Back up minecraft 2 install the portal gun mod and all other required mods 3. open your minecraft.jar with winrar/7zip 4. add the files from each mod to the minecraft folder 5. DELETE META.INF 6. Run Minecraft