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All mods are compatible

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Q: What mods are compatible with tmi mod?
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When you download tmi mod then you downloaded zombe fly mod you entered minecraft 1.3.2 and the tmi mod not worked help you?

they arent compatible

What mod is compatible to minecraft comes alive mod?

Use minecraft forge or modloader so that the mods are compatible.

Is the aether mod compatible with a sever?

yes, if all the players have the mod and mods are enabled

Are there any mod i can download for minecraft where i don't lose my other mods?

Check the forums for your other mods to see what mods they are compatible with.

Is the smart moving mod for minecraft compatible with anyt other mods?


Are minecraft 1.7.2 mods compatible with 1.7.3?

It should be compatible unless the mod is purely made for minecraft 1.7.2

What mods are compatible with the clay soldiers mod i really want to know because i have that mod and want the mo creatures one really bad but i dont know if they are compatible?

too many items,single player commands,all mo's mods.

How do you make older mods work with newer Minecraft?

The mod developer will need to update the mod to be compatible with the new Minecraft version.

Is the More Ores mod Compatible with Mo' Creatures?

If You Install Risugami's ModLoader Then All Mods Should Be Compatible With Each Other

Why does my minecraft keep freezing when you install a mod?

You either have an old version of the mod or you didn't read the instructions. It has to be the same version of the game or specifically says it's compatible. You have to read the instructions on ALL the mods you use as they all have different requirements and may not be compatible with other mods.

How do you get a mod for Minecraft PC?

Search Yahoo/Google/Bing for "Minecraft Mods". Read the instructions on what and how to install them and see if they are compatible with the other mods your going to put in.

What mods are in Minecraft?

there are many mods like moon mod,mars mod ,vanilla mod,and lots more