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Either use one of the "mod loaders" like MCPatcher, ModLoader, etc, to load the mod for you or follow the instructions of the mod maker. Some are different on how they are supposed to be installed or what other mods they are compatible with.

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Q: Do you need to unzip a mod to play it on Minecraft?
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Can someone give me a step by step idiot proof way to mod minecraft beta1.6.5 on mac?

Depends on what mod you want. All i have to say is that you need WinRar to open files, You need how to open you .minecraft thing, and you need to now how to unzip files.

How do you play on survival mod on minecraft 2d classic?

You cant.You need to buy premium.

Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

Do you need modloader for toomanyitems mod for minecraft?

In minecraft beta, there is creative mod what allows you to get all items.

How do you make the athor in minecraft?

The Aether is a mod, so you need the mod for it.

How do you make a sonic screwdriver in Minecraft?

You need a mod. Moon Mod.

Where can you get the minecraft minions mod for 1.3.1 and a tutorial?

The Minions Mod for Minecraft is not compatible with 1.3.1. The instructions to play the Minecraft demo/tutorial are found on the official website.

Do you need modloader to run optimine mod for minecraft?

No. I use that mod and I don't have mod loader.

How do you find a horse in minecraft?

You need a mod

Do you need a mod to make the minecraft tardis work?

I am unsure if a mod like this exists, but if it does then yes, you will need to use this mod.

When I play minecraft with the smart moving mod and I swim in water it crashes.. I need help to fix this. What can I do?

This glitch happens a lot with smart moving mod, I even had it. I redownloaded the mod, and it worked again.

How do you play a mod in Minecraft?

To INSTALL a mod, you go to run and type &APPDATA% and click .minecraft then bin and open minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip. Then copy all the files from the unzipped mod folder into the minecraft.jar, and delete META-INF from inside the jar. Do all this with minecraft closed. Then close winrar or 7zip and run minecraft! You need the downloaded version to do this.