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You can find the questionaire in any Pokemart. You type in "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

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Q: What mart do you find the questionnaire in FireRed?
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Where can you find someone to trade with in FireRed?

at vermilion city the first left house from the poke mart

What will you Write in the poke-mart to find Aurora Ticket in FireRed?

whe answer is evovle abra arcanine beach

How do you get two navle rock in Pokemon firered?

You need to have the mystery gift, by answering a questionnaire at a Pokemon mart, you'll have to type "link" "together" "with" "all", then go at an event, or buy the gameboy action replay, to put some cheats.

What is the answer to the questionnaire in the store on Pokemon FireRed?

Link Together With all this unlocks mystery gift

What is the questionnaire phrase for Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

Put "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" you will receive a prize.

Whats you the answer for the questionnaire in the Pokemon mart. Pokemon leaf green?

Link Together With All

What to fill out on the questionnaire Pokemon FireRed?

Put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL to receive the mystery gift option.

How do you catch any Pokemon on FireRed?

pokeballs... which should be at the mart..

What is the answer to the questionair in the mart in islan7 FireRed?

link together with all

What do you fill into the questionair in the mart in Pokemon FireRed?

Link together with all.

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