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about level 90, monkfish have better xp and are faster to catch.

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Q: What level should you start fishing sharks in runescape?
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What is a good way for members to make money on Runescape?

One thing I like to do is fish sharks. You need level 74 Fishing to do so, though.

To fish a salmon what level in runescape?

Fishing salmon requires a Fishing Level of 30.

What level fishing do you need for fishing guild in runescape?

you need level 68 fishing, or 63 with admiral pie, or 65 with fishing potion

How can a player's fishing level decrease in Runescape?

A player's fishing level can only decrease through a Roll Back if they are caught botting as it is against the Rules of Runescape.

What is a suitable level to fish sharks on runescape?


Can you level up your person in runescape by fishing for non members?

Combat Level will never be affected by your fishing level. It is possible to be combat level 3, and have 99 fishing.

Should you get a fire cape or lv76 fishing first on Runescape?

Level 76 fishing will give you the ability to Fish Sharks, and even if you don't have the cooking level to cook them for use getting the Fire Cape, you can sell the raw shark at the Grand Exchange, than out of the cash you received from the Raw Sharks, you can buy Cooked ones, and most likely still have a bit of cash left over. ( That's if you don't buy more )

What level is it to fish salmon in runescape?

You need level 30 fishing to fish salmon.

Do you have to be a member to enter the fishing guild on RuneScape?

Yes, you must be a member to enter the Fishing Guild in RuneScape. The Fishing guild is north of Ardougne, inside the members-only portion of RuneScape.

Where to get a raw shark in runescape?

You will need level 76 Fishing, then fish for them either at Catherby, or the fishing Guild.

What does your fishing need to be in runescape to get on highscores?

You need to have at least level 56 Fishing with 196,867 Xp to get to the highscores.

How long will it take you to get from level 78 to 99 fishing in runescape?

1 month