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You need level 68 fishing to be able to get in the fishing guild, however you can use stat boosting potions/food to get in, making it possible to get in at a lower level. A fishing potion will temporarily boost your fishing level +3, so if you had 65 fishing a drank a fishing potion, you could get in. Also, if you only had 63 fishing, you can eat an Admiral Pie which will temporarily boost your fishing level +5.

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Q: What level to you have to be to go to the fishing guild in runescape?
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Where do you get skill capes from in RuneScape?

u get them where ever the guild is like "the fishing guild they have a for sale fishing skill cape "u get them where ever the guild is like "the fishing guild they have a for sale fishing skill cape "or you can get them anywhere like if u got your cooking level up to 99 u can go to the cooking guild and then you trade and get your cape hope this works.. from shmexii >.>

Quickest way to get 99 fishing in runescape?

For members go to fish guild with lobbies. For nonmems go fish at barb villy and bank in edgy.

Where can you fish bass on runescape?

You can find bass on the Catherby shore or the fishing guild. Please note it is a members only fish.

How do you get into the warriors guild on RuneScape?

go and buy some armer at ge

What level crafting do you have to be to go into the crafting guild in runescape?

You need Crafting level 40. You also need a brown apron, which can easily be bought at the Varrock clothing store or at the Grand Exchange.

How do you get a talisman staff in runescape?

go to runecrafting guild and gain points then buy.

In runescape how do you fly fish if you have feathers and a flyfishing rod?

You also need an appropriate fishing level, and you need to go to a place for fly fishing, for example, the river near the Barbarian Village.

How do you get a talisman staff on runescape?

You go to the Runecrafting Guild and you play great orb project.

On runescape where do you go to receive training in barbarian potions?

Karajama, The same place that you go to learn Barbarian Fishing.. (Fishing with your hands)

Where do you get anchovies on RuneScape?

First of all, you need to have a fishing level of at least 5. You use a small fishing net and go to a fishing spot. When you right-click it, it should say "net fishing spot". If it doesn't, you need to find somewhere it does. You will catch anchovies and shrimp. It is faster with a higher fishing level. A common place to fish anchovies is near the Alkharid bank. But watch out, there is a scorpion there and I think it's level 14. Hope this helps!

What fish is best to catch at level 56 fishing in runescape?

At that level, the best you can catch is Swordfish (level 50 to catch, 100 exp/per). However, remember that you also get Tuna in with the Swordfish. However, at that level you may want to go with Baiting or Fly Fishing as I have found they are quicker experience overall (Pike, Salmon, Trout).

Where do you get moulds in RuneScape?

Most moulds can be found in the crafting guild when you get around level 40 crafting, simply just wear a brown apron to enter the guild, go to the second floor and pick them all up. You second and best bet is to buy them off the Grand Exchange.