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If your a cooking level 35 or higher you can use the Cooking Guild or the Flour Mill north of Lumbridge. Take the north path then go west once you reached the end of the path going north. The first building you see (on the north side) is the flour mill. THE REGULAR FLOUR MILL IS ALL LEVELS. THE COOKING GUILD MILL IS cooking 35 AND UP! To get to cooking guild start from G.E. then go south until you see a building (not the bank) once you see that building go to the other side of it. Go west. About a second later you find yourself the Cooking Guild for level 35 and up.

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Q: Where do you get flour mill on RuneScape?
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How do you make flour on runescape?

1. take some wheat to a flour mill. 2. put the wheat in the hopper in the third floor 3. pull the leaver to activate the mill 4. collect your flour in the bin on the first floor (with a pot) 5. millie miller can repeat these to you. (she is at the lumbridge mill)

How do you make bread dough on runescape?

Pick some grain and then go to a mill. Put the grain into the mill and then collect the flour in a pot. Get some water in a bucket, and then put the two together and choose to make bread dough.

How do you make 1 mill on runescape in 1 day?

Ask Patsimens, the most rich guy in rs, hell give ya 1 mill, for sure!

Where do you get the wooden planks in RuneScape?

You can get planks from the grave yard in the wilderness. But if you are a member, get em from the saw mill.

Where do you find flour in RuneScape?

Where to get Grain and how to turn it into flour on Runescape:Players can pick grain from a field (where it grows as wheat), and they can often find this near a windmill. One of the best spots for members is the field North of Ardougne, which is very close to a bank and a mill. For non-members, the best spot to collect grain is the large wheat field North of Draynor Village, which is close to Draynor Bank.After collecting grain, players must then take it, along with an equal amount of empty pots, to a Windmill. On the second floor, there is a hopper and some mill controls. The grain must be used on the hopper, then the mill controls operated. This will fill the flour bin on the ground floor with flour. The flour bin has no limit to how much flour it can hold. Clicking on the bin will empty some flour into one of the pots in the player's inventory.Another good method for collecting flour available to both members and non-members alike is using the Windmill and wheat field North of Lumbridge and making use of Beefy Bill's banking services. Beefy Bill will send raw beef, cowhide, and flour to the bank for a 10% commission. To use his services effectively:Bring a number of coins to the Lumbridge grain fieldPick grainGo inside the mill and grind all the grainBuy 27 pots from Beefy BillReturn to the mill and collect flour from the binGo back to Beefy Bill and bank the flourEither return to the field and pick more grain or buy more pots and return to the millthis is the best to to find flour or make it