What level is Mesprit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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50 :|

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Q: What level is Mesprit?
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Can you use a max repel to help get a mesprit im in the area were mesprit is?

yes-aslong as your lead pokemon's level is under 50.

What level is mesprit on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?


How do you get mesprit when h?

the best way to catch mesprit is to have a Pokemon that knows block or scary face usually when u level up sudowoodo it learns block and try to get mesprit to fall a sleep jigglypuff knows sing or drowsee hypnosis or try to get mesprit paralyzed

Who is mesprit azelf and uxie?

they are the three legendary trio of lakes they live in three lakes azelf in lake valor mesprit in lake verity and uxie in lake acuity

Where do you catch mesprit?

Mesprit roams Sinnoh.

Who is the strongest out of Mesprit Azelf and Uxie?

All of them are level 50, so they are all equal.

How come your level 39 goldbat when it uses mean look mesprit still runs away?

beaucause if u wanna use mean look on mesprit your pokemons ability needs to be shadow tag then you can use it only wobbuffet has that

What is a move that is super effective on mesprit but also goes first?

extremespeed. dratini has it. at least at level 15. -ho-ohawesomeness

What level is Mesprit when you find it and what moves does it know?

Lvl 50 Psychic Nasty plot Lucky chart - don't remember

Is mesprit a boy or girl?

mesprit is a legendary Pokemon and legendaries don't have gender However, In Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, Mesprit is considered a giirl.

How do you catch mesprit on Pokemon Diamond?

Mesprit does flee from the battles normally at the beginning. But if you manage to inflict damage on it then when you see it again it will still have the damage to it. The best way I found to catch Mesprit is to get a level 30-40 Pokemon that knows Mean Look, I evolved my gastly as i found my captured Haunters didnt know Mean Look. Then give your Pokemon that knows mean look a quick claw. Track down Mesprit using the Poketech app (forgot what it is called, my apologies >.

How do you catch a Mesprit in Pokemon Platinum?

to catch mesprit in pokemon platinum go to its cave(after beating team galatic and catching/defeating girantina)at lake verity use surf and swim to the cave in the middle. talk to mesprit and it will run away and oak will tell you after it and use your marking map to track it down. best strategy to catch it is get a pokemon with a move like mean look or make it go to sleep. also mesprit is level 50 like uxie and azelf