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It's a dance planet move get it from it

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Q: What level go you get the genie on ourworld?
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How do you un-lock genie on dance planet on ourworld?

Go on Dance Planet, click on the song "i'm not sorry" ,level 3, and dance until you have a Auto opportunity, you need to click or type the arrows on the screen then it will give you "Genie"

What is the last level on ourworld?

The highest level on Ourworld is level 100. You can't go any higher than that.

How do you get to level 25 quick on ourworld?

by playing game on ourworld

How do you get the genie the on ourworld?

To get genie move you go to dance planet then click the single player mode were you DONT compete with other people you just dance freely on your own . I can't remember which song level you choose a song from but I defiantly know that you don't choose a song from lvl 1 ,2,3,or7 but when you fill up your energy meter it says auto on and you recieve a dance challenge if you do this short set of moves correct you can get the genie move

Where to put Ourworld Gem Codes?

To put in codes for ourWorld, go to this website --

How do you get a hoverboard license on ourworld?

you have to be level 40+

What do you get when you reach level 100 on ourworld?

you can adopt and that is it

How do you level up faster on ourworld?

you can get flow boosters. Or Play games or shop. or Go do quests or get flow and go on the flow games

How many people on ourworld are level 100?

Exactly, 103,078 But it will go higher as people level. I too am trying to reach level 100, You know.. Its not the highest level you can pass?

Are there any ourworld cheats?

yes. Go to this site:

Ourworld gem codes for September 2010?

It hasn't been released yet! When it has, go to CK's ourworld Guide and you will see the new code there. I'm not sure, but appaantly its a 20 gem code, but idk. Add Me on ourWorld. My name is Jam Zo. Level 23

How many flow do you have to spend to level up to level 100 on ourWorld?