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you have to be level 40+

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Q: How do you get a hoverboard license on ourworld?
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How do you get a skate license on ourworld?

You have to get past level 20 and then you get ur license.

What is the Free Realms cheat code for hoverboard?

sorry there is no cheat for the hoverboard.

Hoverboard codes for Fusionfall?

ffcfreevechile4u gives u ben 10 hoverboard

Is their such thing as a hoverboard?


How do you remove your hoverboard on secret builders?

you click your avatar then click change look the go to closet click hoverboard section on on top of your charater is this thing that says show hoverboard and hide hoverboard click hide hover board then click done then thats is it

How do you makeout on ourworld?

You Cant Make Out on ourworld .

Is there an OurWorld 2?

No, at this time there is not an OurWorld 2.

Who made the hoverboard?

Nobody has made a Treasure Planet hoverboard yet. There are however attempts to making a workable hoverboard one is an air cushioned hoverboards with leaf blowers, early attempts to make the ducted fan hoverboard like the Hiller platform in 1955, and there's also hoverboard crane props that allowed people to hover in Star Wars 1, 4, 5, 6, Back to the Future 2, The Funny or Die video Hoverboard Belief with Tony Hawks and Christopher Lloyd which was then photoshop to make people believe. There's also been a maglev hoverboard made by the Hendo Hoverboard team. I'm sorry if my answer disappointed you hoverboard fans, hopefully it will get made one day.

How does it take to charge a hoverboard?

It should take roughly 1-3 hours to charge the batteries in a hoverboard.

How much is for a hoverboard?


Where to put Ourworld Gem Codes?

To put in codes for ourWorld, go to this website --

When was Ourworld created?

Ourworld was created in 2008-09.