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f58f9e22aaee10bd-10 gems

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Q: What are the gem codes for September on ourworld?
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Ourworld gem codes for September 2009?

heyy. come check out my blog for all the gem codes! ~ XxXDarkAngel0XxX

How do you make gem codes in ourworld?

You cannot make gem codes... -MeganHatesMatt

Are there any ourworld gem codes for December 2009?

the year 2009 has past but it did have gem codes

What are some ourworld new gem codes?


Gem codes for September 2009 in ourworld?

f58F-9e22-AaEe-10bD and 4fd0-c149-16d9-0B4alilmissinnocent on our world :)

Ourworld gem codes for September 2010?

It hasn't been released yet! When it has, go to CK's ourworld Guide and you will see the new code there. I'm not sure, but appaantly its a 20 gem code, but idk. Add Me on ourWorld. My name is Jam Zo. Level 23

Are there any gem codes in ourworld worth 90 gems?

there is not

Have you got the gem code for ourworld?

Check out to find out what the latest Gem Codes are!

Are there any OurWorld cheats to get gems on Miniclip?

actualy i dont kno i search for cheats but i no how u get 30 first go gem codes P.S get them from net like write ourworld gem codes for then write the date after find them monthly gem codes not every month but play face book then gem code for 10 gems ourworld gem codes for tool bar 10 then monthly if they made ok thx :)

Where can you get a coupon for September in ourworld?

Go to She has a lot of good gem codes. The website is new, so there aren't too many, though.

Is ourworld free?

You can do weekly gem codes and when you join you get 20 gems my user name is Alison284.I am a hot ourworld.

What are your Ourworld gem codes for November's?

Click the to join Ourworld, and here's' a code: 411E-23E7-FD62-E16F.