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Areana Trap is Trapinch's ability so check its ability. I think some Trapinch may have another ability (Hyper Cutter I think) so just keep catching Trapinch until you get one with Arena Trap.

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Q: What level does trapinch get arena trap?
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In Pokemon Ruby can Pokemon run from trapinch?

"In Pokemon ruby can Pokemon run from trapinch?"Yes and no. Most Pokemon cannot run from trapinch because trapinch has the ability Arena Trap, but flying types are unnaffected by Arena Trap.

How did Latios run away even though you were using an Arena Trap Trapinch in Pokemon Ruby?

Latios is still capable of running away even while a Trapinch with its Arena Trap is in the battle because Latios' ability is Levitate which allows it to avoid the effects of Arena Trap since Levitate Pokémon and Flying-type Pokémon cannot be blocked from escaping via the Arena Trap ability.

Why when you have a trapinch that has arena trap as its ability did latios just flee?

well did you have it out in battle? if not it has to be out in battle with latios for arena trap to work. if you did have you trapinch out, then... either arena trap didn't work( witch would be weird) or i don't know. another Pokemon would be wynaut or wabuffet. it has the ability shadow tag and that keeps the Pokemon from escaping. i hope you catch the latios! :) -RR14

What Pokemon has arena trap in Pokemon Platinum?

Trapinch and Diglett/Dugtrio are the ones who have it however keep in mind that the Arena Trap ability does not work against flying-types and Pokémon with the Levitate ability.

What Pokemon have the ability arena trap in Pokemon sapphire?

Trapinch. You can catch it in the desert. And if you just want a Pokemon to not flee there is also Wynaut and Wobbuffet.

What can stop a Pokemon from fleeing a battle?

The Pokemon move Mean Look and Spider Web Wobbuffet with Shadow Tag Trapinch, Diglet, and Dugtrio with Arena Trap

Where can you get a level 40 trapinch?

Trapinch cannot be caught at level 40 in the wild. However you can level a Trapinch to level 40 as long as you keep it from evolving.

What level does trapinch level at?

Trapinch evolves into Vibrava on Lvl. 35.

When does trapinch envolve?

Trapinch evolves at level 35.

What level does trapinch evolve into vibrava?

Trapinch evolves into vibrava at level 35 AND.........into flygon at level 45.

What level does trapinch evolove at in Pokemon emarled?

Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at level 35.

What does trapinch evolve into?

Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at level 35 and then into Flygon at level 45.