What does trapinch evolve into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at level 35 and then into Flygon at level 45.

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Q: What does trapinch evolve into?
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Pokemon Emerald what level does trapinch evolve?

Trapinch will evolve into Vibrava at Level 35. Vibrava will then evolve into Flygon at Level 45.

Where is vibrava in emerald?

just evolve from a TRAPINCH. (TRAPINCH are found in the sandstormy area)

How do you get vibrava in emerald?

Get trapinch and evolve him

How do you evolve a trapinch in emerald?

level it

How do you get flygon on Pokemon ruby?

get a trapinch and evolve him into flygon [trapinch found on route 111]

In Pokemon what does trapinch evolve into?

Trapinch evolves into Viabrava at level 35 and Flygon at 45.

Should you let your trapinch evolve if you want to open the regi door?

no do not let trapinch evolve raise it to level 41 and he will learn dig

How do you get vebriva in pearl?

evolve a trapinch...DDDUUUHHH!

Which level does trapinch evolve at in ruby?


Where to get flygon in Pokemon Ruby?

you evolve vibrava which was evolved from trapinch. you can get trapinch at the desert. trapinch evolves at lvl35 and vibrava evolves at lvl 45.

What level does trapinch evolve into vibrava?

Trapinch evolves into vibrava at level 35 AND.........into flygon at level 45.

How do you get flygon?

go tosunshur cityGet a Trapinch and evolve it.