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level him up to level 35

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Q: How do you evolve trapinch in Pokemon sapphire?
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What level does trapinch evolve at in Pokemon sapphire?

Level 35.

Where to get a second TM dig in Pokemon sapphire?

you dont but if train trapinch and nincada they learn dig but not if they evolve trapinch learns dig at 41 i think

Where is trapinch in Pokemon sapphire?

Route 111

Does a Pokemon in sapphire have dig?

yes in Pokemon sapphire you can catch a Pokemon that knows dig mainly trapinch and sandshrew

Pokemon Emerald what level does trapinch evolve?

Trapinch will evolve into Vibrava at Level 35. Vibrava will then evolve into Flygon at Level 45.

Which Pokemon knows digs on Sapphire?

baltoy can learn dig, you can find him with your google goggles and og to the desert

How do you get flygon on Pokemon ruby?

get a trapinch and evolve him into flygon [trapinch found on route 111]

In Pokemon what does trapinch evolve into?

Trapinch evolves into Viabrava at level 35 and Flygon at 45.

What level does trapinch evolve at in Pokemon pearl?


What Pokémon alredy no dig on Pokémon sapphire?

Catch a trapinch and evolve it, vibrava will learn it.

Where do you catch flygon in pokemon sapphire?

You cannot catch a flygon. You will need to go to route 111 in the desert and catch a trapinch and train it to level 45, and then it will evolve into a flygon.

What level does trapinch evolve in Pokemon black?

level 35