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Togekiss cant learn aura sphere. You have to give it a heart scale.

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Q: What level does togekiss learn aurasphere in platinum?
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What level does togekiss learn sky attack in pokemon platinum?

It learns it at Level 1. Yup.

What attacks does Cynthia's Togekiss know on Pokemon platinum?

Togekiss is not capable of learning any additional moves via level up in Pokémon Platinum however the Pastoria City Move Relearner caan re-teach moves such as the Normal-type attack, Extremespeed to Togekiss, the Fighting-type attack of Aura Sphere to Togekiss and two Flying-type attacks of Air Slash and Sky Attack.

What level does Togekiss learn aeroblast on Pokemon platinum?

i dont think togepi can learn aeroblast, but if it uses metronome it might randomly choose that move and use it

What level does your togekiss have to be to learn Sky Attack?

Sky Attack is one of the starter moves of Togekiss,

What level does togekiss learn air slash?

Togekiss learns air slash at base level, so you have to use a heartscale in order to be able to teach Togekiss air slash.

What level does togekiss learn last resort?

Togekiss cannot learn last resort, however, Togetic, Togekisses pre-evolution, learns Last resort at level 51

What level does togekiss learn sky attack?

level 1 but it deletes it's move to learn another

What level does togekiss learn aura sphere?

go and ask your local doctor dimmy

How do you teach your riolu aurasphere in Pokemon diamond?

level it up to 30 something

What are the Pokemon of the Pokemon league champion platinum?

Level 58: Spiritomb Level 62: Garchomp Level 58: Roserade Level 60: Togekiss Level 60: Lucario Level 58: Milotic

What level does Togepi evolve on platinum?

You level up alongside getting 100%happiness level up one more time and boom you have a togetic if needed get a shiny stone and give your togetic and then you trade (unless on HG or SS) and you have a togekiss Trade is not needed to turn togetic into togekiss all you need to do is use a shiny stone on togetic and tada a togekiss

What Pokemon does Cynthia have on platinum?

Cynthia has a Garchomp, Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade, and a Togekiss. Her Pokemon are mostly around level 60-73. Thanks If That Helps!